National Cyber Security Strategy

26 November 2019 Heather Dailey Author avatar
Public Safety Canada 2019 Reference: As we embrace digital technologies for their tremendous benefits, we can open ourselves up to threats. Cyber security is the protection of digital information and the infrastructure on which it resides. This National Cyber Security recognizes that while cyber threats are growing in sophistication and magnitude, there is enormous potential for Canadian digital innovation and expertise in cyber security. It is designed to be adaptable and to account for a continuously changing cyber landscape. Our National Cyber Security Strategy establishes three goals in response to evolving threats, emerging opportunities, and the need for collaborative action:
  • Secure and Resilient Canadian Systems
  • An Innovative and Adaptive Cyber Ecosystem
  • Effective Leadership and Collaboration
The federal government will lead the effort to achieve these goals in an era when cyber security is not just a necessity, but a competitive advantage for Canada. Our new approach reflects the extent to which digital technologies have become essential to our way of life. With a new Cyber Security Strategy, we can proceed with confidence in our digital age. In this reality, cyber security is the companion to innovation and the protector of prosperity.

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National Cyber Security Strategy
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