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Our training courses are carefully curated and researched with you, the public sector, to ensure the content helps improve your knowledge, skills, and capabilities.

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Learn at your own pace and select from our micro-courses specifically designed to give short, focused and targeted learning that covers a specific topic or skill in a compact and efficient manner. 

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Choose from a selection of over 100+ in-house training topics that we can tailor to your organizations requirements and maximize the collective learning experience for organizational capability uplift. 

What do you want to learn?

Public Sector Academy have a comprehensive training catalogue to support your learning

Live Training Courses

On Demand

6 Lessons

Managing Stakeholder Conflict & Outrage

This course will teach you the many causes of stakeholder conflict and outrage and the best ways to…

5 Lessons

Power BI Essentials Training for Government

Power BI is a robust data visualization tool which assists in creating interactive, immersive dashboards…

9 Lessons

Workplace Investigations in the Public Sector

This is an introductory course to help you understand the foundational ideas around workplace investigations…

6 Lessons

Content Design 101

Learn how to create user-focused and accessible web content that’s easy to find and understand. This introductory course will teach you important…

9 Lessons

Leading Hybrid Teams

Current and aspiring leaders (executives, managers, supervisors, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs) who want to dramatically improve all…

3 Lessons

Engaging Presentation Skills

It can be difficult crafting the perfect presentation. This is a course to help you in the planning, design and delivery of an engaging, effective presentation. Let…

Customised in-house options available for teams

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You can also choose to have them delivered in house. We will work closely with our inspiring session facilitators to tailor the content around the key development areas your team are prioritising, shape the learning outcomes around your core departmental challenges and make the most of your L&D and upskilling budget.

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