Public Sector Networks advisory board – a collaborative convergence of visionary thought leaders and accomplished experts, united by a shared commitment to shaping the future of public service excellence. With a collective wealth of experience spanning diverse sectors, our Advisory Board is poised to ignite transformative change and drive innovation in the realm of public administration.

Their strategic guidance, industry insights, and unwavering dedication will empower Public Sector Networks to forge new pathways, create impactful solutions, and revolutionize the way governments and institutions navigate challenges and opportunities. We are honored to present a team of luminaries whose insights will elevate our mission, enhance our impact, and propel us toward a future defined by progress, efficiency, and visionary leadership.

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Strategic Vision

Our Advisory Board brings together a remarkable blend of strategic thinkers and industry pioneers, each with a deep understanding of the intricacies of public sector dynamics. Leveraging their wealth of expertise, our board members guide us in crafting a visionary roadmap for the future. Their insights fuel our strategic decisions, ensuring that Public Sector Networks remains at the forefront of innovation, anticipating trends, and fostering sustainable development.

Cross-Sector Insights

The diverse backgrounds of our Advisory Board members create a rich tapestry of cross-sector insights that are invaluable in addressing complex challenges. With representation from various fields such as technology, governance, finance, and sustainability, our board facilitates a holistic approach to problem-solving. This cross-pollination of ideas results in innovative solutions that transcend traditional boundaries, enabling us to drive holistic and inclusive progress across the public sector landscape.

Impactful Partnerships

The stature and influence of our Advisory Board members open doors to unprecedented collaboration opportunities. Their networks extend globally, connecting Public Sector Networks to a web of high-profile stakeholders, decision-makers, and potential partners. By harnessing these connections, we amplify our capacity to effect positive change, expand our reach, and forge strategic partnerships that enhance the impact of our initiatives on a local, regional, and international scale.


Duska Kennedy
Vice President, Strategy, Digital Health and CDO
North General Hospital

Imrana Jeoffrey
Chief Performance and Quality Officer, Vice President of Operations
Hawkesbury and District General Hospital 

Rob Bull
VP Finance,
Chief Financial Officer
Sinai Health

Shival Seth
Chief Technology Officer
Grand River Hospital

Dr. Ted Scott
Vice President Innovation
Hamilton Health Sciences

Young Lee
Vice President, Finance & Chief Financial Officer
The Hospital for Sick Children 

Manijeh Khoee
Director, Insurance &
Claims Management
City of Edmonton

Jean-Claude Azar
Director General
Canada Revenue Agency

Andre Shojaie
Chief of Agile Practices and Continuous Improvement
City of Montreal

Alena Thouin
Chief Operating Officer
Ontario Financing Authority

Jane Albright
Chief Human Resources Officer, Financial Services
Regulatory Authority of Ontario

Hayley Crichton
Executive Director, Public Safety and Security Division
Nova Scotia Department
of Justice

Ardys Baker
Executive Director, Policy, Legislation, and Modernization
Government of
British Columbia

Bre Hutchinson
Assistant-Deputy Minister, Health Workforce
Government of Alberta

Amy Siciliano
Public Safety Advisor
Halifax Regional Municipality

Sean Simpson
Chief Information Officer
City of Surrey

Ryan Hum
Chief Client Experience Officer and Associate ADM,
Citizen Services
Employment and Social Development Canada

Silvia Fraser
Director, Transformation, Workplace Strategies, ModernTO
City of Toronto

Tracey Thomas
Executive Director, People and Culture Safety Advisor
Government of Nova Scotia

Katherine Salucop
Executive Director,
Human Resources
Edmonton Police Service

Jamaliah (Liah) Traboulsi, Senior Director, Horizontal Initiatives & Management Agenda
Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

Mihaela Cozma
Director, People, Innovation and Results
Canada Energy Regulator

Adam Carpenter

Chief Data Officer
State of Montana

Travis Cutright

Chief Information Officer
City of Mesa

Michaela G. Doelman

Chief Human Resources Officer
State of Washington

Maisha Dottery

Chief Information Officer
California Department of Community Services & Development

Lester Godsey

Interim Chief Information Officer
Maricopa County

Dr. Jessica Jones
Chief Diversity Officer &
Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services

Colleen J. McManus

HR Programs Manager &
Executive Consultant
State of Arizona

Manny Santiago

Executive Director
Washington State LGBTQ Commission

James Smith

Chief Systems Architect
State of Vermont-Judiciary

Lindsay Morgan Tracy

Innovator in Chief
Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

Dan Wilkins

Chief Information Security Officer
State of Arizona – Department of Economic Security

Julia Wong

IT Accessibility
Compliance Officer

Scott Beliveau

Experienced Thought Federal Leader

Anthony Fisher

Head of Data Management
and Analytics
Department of Revenue, State of Colorado

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