Embracing a New Era of AI and Data to Accelerate Innovation in the APS

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Nouha Elmasri 17 March 2023
Embracing a New Era of AI and Data to Accelerate Innovation in the APS

The Next Frontier of Possibility in the Australian Public Sector 


In the public sector space, where taxpayer dollar spend comes under constant scrutiny, the ability to effectively collect, store, analyse, and extract insights from large government data sets to identify trends and patterns that can help improve operations, decision making, and services is crucial.   

Additionally, with the proliferation of advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning, government agencies can leverage these tools to unlock cost savings and productivity gains, while simultaneously enhancing citizen trust and security. 

Understanding how to effectively store, manage, protect, govern and harness data however is a constant challenge. Adding layers to this are questions around ethics and privacy when it comes to data usage and especially AI, which in Australia has – in its short life – already garnered much negative attention. 

In an effort to better understand how the APS is embracing this next frontier we surveyed over 200 public sector professionals to better understand their challenges, priorities, strategic focus areas and critical next steps as they embrace progress. Read on to delve into:  

  • Survey insights from over 200 APS public sector professionals unpacking strategic priorities in 2023 and beyond and the challenges of building data literacy  
  • Insights around the five systemic challenges and opportunities of data  
  • First-hand case studies exploring the digital architectures supporting the deployment of innovative cognitive technologies within the Federal government