Innovative Technologies Optimising Diabetes Management

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Madeson Darcy 20 October 2023
Innovative Technologies Optimising Diabetes Management

This insightful session delves into the realm of Innovative Technologies Optimizing Diabetes Management. Through a compelling case study, the focus extends from specialty care to community frontline providers, shedding light on key aspects. The session demonstrates how real-time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (rtCGM) can play a pivotal role in realizing the government of Ontario's visionary digital-first approach to health strategy, especially in prioritizing the management of chronic diseases. Additionally, it underscores the expanding role of rtCGM in both specialty care and its potential to revolutionize community care networks. Central to this exploration is the effective utilization of data integration facilitated by rtCGM, revealing its transformative impact on population health management. This session promises to provide valuable insights into the innovative technologies shaping the future of diabetes care and public health strategies. Featuring insights from Jill Trinacty, LMC Ottawa Healthcare, Jeff Alfonsi, Trillium Health Partners and Chris Goguen, Dexcom Canada.  

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