Why Improving Legacy Systems Should Be Part of Your Plan to Innovate and Continually Improve

In this session a panel of public sector leaders gather to discuss how to find a balance between preserving the value of legacy systems and embracing new technologies as well as the importance of having a clear vision for legacy modernization for all stakeholders. 

Featuring insights from: 

  • Paula Cousins, Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic and Corporate Priorities, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure 
  • Daniel Darche, Chief Information Officer, Ministry of Emergency Management, Climate Readiness, Government of British Columbia 
  • Greg Froh, Executive Director & Chief Technology Officer, Social Sector, Government of British Columbia 
  • Shiv Pati, Strategy Engineer Leader, Dynatrace 
  • Terry Gunning, Government and Public Sector Alliances Leader and Technology Consulting Partner, EY Canada

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