The Intersection of Technology, Security and Privacy at Service NSW

7 December 2023 Nouha Elmasri Author avatar

In this session, we delve into the intricate world of digital identity and verifiable credentials, exploring the complexities that arise from the intersection of technology, security, privacy, and collaboration with Greg Wells, Chief Executive Officer at Service NSW. Key takeaways include:

      • Navigating Complexity: Uncover the layers of technology, biometrics, security, and collaboration essential for successful digital identity initiatives.
      • Communication Challenges: Explore the difficulty of describing digital identity positively amidst public fears and misconceptions, emphasizing the need to foster understanding over apprehension.
      • Service NSW Highlights and Community Support: Journey through the significant milestones in service this year, from enhancing digital platforms to providing crucial support to communities in times of disaster. Gain insights into the government's vision for 2030 and the ongoing commitment to rebuilding and improving services.

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