What are the benefits of Advanced Threat Protection?

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Public Sector Network 19 December 2020
What are the benefits of Advanced Threat Protection?

Securing your mailboxes is very important; e-mails are sent everyday with critical data and PII data. ATP can protect files, storage and applications within Office 365 such as Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, PowerPoint and Visio, providing better protection for your organization’s assets.

Reporting and Tracking – Reporting and tracking enables users to be able to see where the malicious link came from using URL Trace technology. They can see who’s being targeted within the organization and help to investigate these attacks.

Protection against malicious links – Cyber Criminals are getting better and cleverer with their attacks. ATP can scan content and the URL in real time and warns the recipient if the link is unsafe. The site is then blocked automatically and the recipient is informed to avoid it.

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