Public Sector Network - Media Kit

18 September 2023 Heather Dailey Author avatar
Learn all about Public Sector Network, what we do and how we can help you connect with the public sector - whether your a public servant or a solution provider. 

Our growing community spans across Federal, State, and Local government departments - allowing members to network, benchmark and establish best practice both online and in-person.

PSN delivers new articles, interviews, presentations, whitepapers, webinars and executive events to our audience on a weekly basis, segmenting our audience to maximize user-engagement and ensure they receive content most relevant to their role and areas of interest through a variety of mediums including email newsletters, live events & conferences, whitepapers & webinars, on- demand videos & training, and more.                       

The user’s reading & content-consumption habits are used to build and develop audience profiles, enabling us to provide a plethora of advertising & lead-generation programs for our partners looking to engage and connect with public sector stakeholders and decision makers nationwide.



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