The Long-Game Approach to IT Modernisation - What Comes Next?

2 June 2023 Rosie Fea Avatar

Change management, sustained innovative solutions, culture and internal responsibility. Regardless of remit, these three major priorities (and at times barriers) have an effect on everyone in public sector departments tasked with delivering outcomes fast and adequately. In attempts to buffer the struggle, many of those heading up digital strategy implementation, and the underpinning technological tools required, are looking for smarter ways to ensure quality is upheld – both internally and externally. Last year at our ICT Roadshow we questioned the audience asking what technologies their various agencies were looking to invest in over the next 12-24 months. A distinct 50% said Hybrid IT & Cloud.  

So here we are, 12 months later, looking to find out if the investment was acted upon. And more importantly, if it has so far been worthwhile…

The hype of Hybrid IT and Cloud no longer holds as much clout as it did in the early adoption years, as excitement around potential benefits fast became the ubiquitous reality. It appears we’re all doing it in some way shape or form, so the question has turned from what if, to what now?  


With the 2023 Federal budget now out in the open, and priority spend areas clearly mapped out across all states, the need for innovative solutions to emerging climate and social challenges, further digitised processes, and the ever-pressing expectations of seamless citizen engagement are still an integral part of the agenda at large. But what sets these visions alight ultimately rests in the capabilities and infrastructure behind the show of transformation – and how we deal with outdated legacy systems that impede considerable progress.  

What comes next after implementation of modern IT enablers and information systems? Merely resting on our laurels after fast adoption and migration to the cloud does not necessarily safeguard us from a horse-before-the-cart situation. We also need to address the concurrent changes that inevitably need to be made to the architecture of those applications, regardless of where they sit.  

Keen to learn more?


From de-clunking to re-wiring, there is a lot explore on the road to successful modernisation. That’s why we’ve put together the ‘2023 ICT Infrastructure and Cloud Roadshow’, so public sector professionals across Australia can gather in one place to get clear on past mistakes, current priorities, and the valuable tools, technologies and processes that will not only see us land safely amongst the clouds, but the modern future government beyond.  


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