Publishing to Public Sector Network Insights

If you have a great story to tell, compelling findings to share or knowledge and lessons learned to offer, then publish your insights on Public Sector Network’s global platform.  

Collaboration breeds innovation. Help us grow collective knowledge and accelerate public sector innovation today.   

How To Post 

  • Sign in to  
  • Click dashboard in the top right, then click ‘write insight’ 
  • Add a heading, your content, and any related images or videos using the content builder  
    • Note: there is a 300 word minimum on all posts (video content not included). 
    • To resize images click and drag the blue square on the corners

Adding right-hand side details  

  • Featured image: ideally 1000 high x 1500 wide  
  • Type: select the most relevant content type  
  • Visibility: leave as ‘Public’ 
  • Region: Select primary region  
  • Primary Community: Select the community your content is most relevant for 
  • Communities: Add additional relevant communities here. 
    • If your content is about AI in Healthcare you may like to select both the Health Community and the Data Community  
  • Related PSN Event: Leave blank 
  • PDF File: only attach if relevant (for whitepapers or reports)  
  • Synopsis: Add a 20-40 word teaser to display alongside the content listing  

Publishing Content

  • Once complete click ‘save content.’ 
  • Review your content and if you’re happy with it all click ‘Insight Actions' then 'Send for Approval' 
  • Our editorial team will be in touch if they have any questions, otherwise sit back and wait for your content to go live!          

Tips for Public Sector Professionals


If you’re not sure where to start use the case study template or read some recently published insights.  


Tips for Solution Providers

Content featured should be case study or insights focused, adding value for readers. Content that looks at how a challenge was solved or the benefits of a solution for a government organisation sees high engagement from the audience. 

Please note: catalogues or any material not providing value for a government audience will not be approved for publication.  


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