How can Enterprise Service Management Unify the Flow of Work For ALL and ANY Teams?

How can Enterprise Service Management Unify the Flow of Work For ALL and ANY Teams?

Forrester recently named Atlassian's Jira Service Management a Leader in The Forrester Wave™ for Enterprise Service Management (ESM). 

As we know, service management teams today encompass beyond just the IT help desk – for both internal and external facing support – and we have seen an increase in all teams employing the processes and platforms that are typical of an IT help desk. 

Here at Area9, we’ve been working with Legal, Procurement, Contract Management and HR Teams to configure Jira Service Management (JSM) to help them deliver exceptional service to all of their stakeholders.  

How does Jira Service Management (JSM) exactly do that? 

We’re going to showcase this more at our roundtable discussion at Innovate SA on 4 April 2024 in Adelaide. For those unable to attend and of course, in our spirit of knowledge shared = knowledge², we’d like to share the initial “how to use JSM for all teams.” 

JSM for Legal Teams

Out of the box, JSM has a “Legal” Template that has been cleverly designed by the Atlassian team to help legal teams manage everything from contracts, policies, procurements, compliances and obligations and every legal request in between! 

The template includes functionalities such as: 

  • A customer portal to manage legal requests, and you can customise to change request types and add workflows to meet your team’s specific needs and ways of working. 

  • Workflows that you can customise (as mentioned above) or start with a built-in template with an approval stage for legal teams to manage requests such as contract creation, policy reviews and intellectual property. 

  • Automation which has been enhanced with Atlassian Intelligence to remove the need to perform manual, repetitive legal tasks. For example, the AI-powered editing functionality in JSM can turn your legal rough notes and brain dumps into useful legal documentation. 

  • Knowledge base functionality allows you to share all information about a legal project or matter in one space, accessible across all other team members anytime! You can add answers to a common legal question using a self-service portal and activate Atlassian Intelligence to search across your linked knowledge base to quickly answer questions from other team members and departments.  

If you are a Jira Service Management enterprise user and your legal team would like to use the out-of-the-box, ready-to-go templates, get the step-by-step activation notes via Atlassian’s information page. 

JSM for HR Teams 

We have helped some of our clients in large government and utilities organisations to use JSM’s document management themes for the HR or People and Culture departments. 

People and Culture teams are a perfect example of a service-based team that receives a lot of requests from onboarding to training requirements and other HR-related matters.  

JSM provides an organised, visible and trackable way to manage onboarding and offboarding and respond to staff requests for general questions.  

The out-of-the-box HR service management template in JSM has the following features that we think will really support the day-to-day service requirements of HR teams: 

  • Request types: there are predetermined request types and the option to customise and add your own to help define and organise incoming requests. Using this feature can help HR teams to capture relevant information and help employees faster.  

  • Customisable help centre: an employee-facing self-service portal can be quickly installed with the JSM for HR theme that allows employees to submit requests and search the HR knowledge base to find the commonly asked questions yourself. HR teams can also add to the knowledge base when they identify new, commonly asked questions. 

  • Queues: requests from all communications channels – emails, IM chats, forms and more – can be organised into queues that allow all HR team members to quickly view, triage and assign requests as soon as they come in. This visibility allows HR to have a real-time dashboard anytime. 

  • Automation: Atlassian Intelligence is embedded within Jira Service Management Premium and Enterprise Cloud product editions. So, like Legal JSM themes, you can access AI to remove manual, repetitive work within the HR themes, such as: 

  • Using the virtual agent to support employees in the self-service portal. When employees ask the virtual agent a question, Atlassian Intelligence searches across your linked knowledge base articles to quickly answer their question and deflect new requests from being opened. 

  • We’re excited to also see the “AI definitions” functionality currently in Confluence coming into JSM. This allows HR teams who are either onboarding, helping employees change teams, or simply learning something new, to get up to speed fast and understand your company’s unique jargon, brands, products, and acronyms.  

Again, if your HR teams are keen to try out the out-of-the-box themes in JSM, check out the steps and information here. 

Need help? We’d love to lend a helping hand 

If you are keen to learn more about how JSM can support your legal or HR or really any teams, we’d love to help with an initial complimentary chat. We love talking about all things solutions that connect people, processes and technology! Watch this space too as we share more from our roundtable discussion at Innovate SA. 

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