Conversations with the Advisory Board - Colleen McManus

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Scarlet Reynoso 22 August 2023
Conversations with the Advisory Board - Colleen McManus

In this insightful video, Colleen McManus, the Human Resources Programs Manager for the State of Arizona, shares her extensive experience and perspective in the public sector. With a rich background that spans both agency-specific roles and enterprise-wide leadership, Colleen offers a unique vantage point on the challenges and rewards of working in government. She attributes her passion for the public sector to a deep-rooted desire to make a meaningful impact on the community, influenced by her parent's involvement in non-profit work. Colleen reflects on a pivotal mentor in her career, a forward-thinking CEO from a non-profit, who instilled valuable lessons such as focusing on career goals, problem-solving, and putting employees' needs at the forefront.

Colleen underscores the importance of continuous learning and humility as essential traits for government professionals. She highlights her dedication to mentorship and knowledge-sharing, emphasizing the satisfaction derived from collaborative problem-solving. Colleen also discusses her observations during critical times, notably September 11th, when she witnessed the inherent desire of public sector employees to serve and contribute in times of crisis. Lastly, she commends the Public Sector Network (PSN) for its role in fostering connections, providing accurate information, addressing emerging issues, and promoting collaboration among public sector professionals.

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