5 ways cloud can improve government innovation

5 ways cloud can improve government innovation

At its core, innovation is what fuels change. It is discovery that enables government to do more with less, advance economic and national security, and transform public service. Cloud innovation allows government agencies the opportunity to deliver on their mission objectives and achieve a positive citizen response.

Here are five ways cloud can enhance government innovation and create a better outcome for all involved.

Cloud for data

In recent years, technology has enabled government agencies to generate vast amount of data that can be used in many ways. The amount of data being generated and stored has increased significantly – how do departments deal with this influx? The cloud enables the storage and secure access of massive amount of data, access and analysis to aid in public service innovation.

Cloud for security

Innovation without security is a haphazard approach for any organisation. For government in particular, security needs to be a crucial element to any technological upgrade or innovative change. Cloud technologies can be leveraged to ensure that data is appropriately protected and controlled. This in turn helps deliver innovations to service members quickly and efficiently.

Cloud for agility

To remain purpose-driven, government organisations need to get from the idea phase to the implementation quicker. Having a system in place where changing conditions can be addressed quickly and painlessly is key in this modern workscape. The scalability of cloud allows agencies to become more agile and increase the rate and speed of experimentation and innovation. Cloud also helps manage, mitigate and minimise potential disruptions.

Cloud for learning

Innovation requires developing a pipeline of talent in the workforce to drive that innovation. The digital revolution has transformed both the technology and expectations used for training employees. While cloud integration may require additional training to fully understand and utilise the benefits of cloud, cloud itself can also be used to further upskill employees. Various employee development programs and initiatives can be delivered through cloud systems to increase learning and innovation.

Cloud for engagement

It’s no secret that government work culture has changed. With remote working and the increased expectation of citizens, delivering on customer service goes beyond mere operational efficiency. Workforce engagement and the employee experience both play key roles in delivering an innovative customer experience. In the virtualised workforce, cloud can play a major role in ensuring employees remain engaged, innovative and productive – in turn ensuring a positive customer experience.

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