Top 50: Global Government Innovators 2023

9 December 2023 Nouha Elmasri Author avatar

Government is now less trusted than business, with global trust in government sitting at 50% compared to 62% for business.* 

Trust in government is eroding globally. Fuelled by misinformation, economic and security anxieties, and Covid-19 aftereffects. Across almost the entire Western World trust is down. In fact, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer Global Report 2023, trust in government has dropped 3 percent since 2021.  

Trust in government institutions is not merely a sentiment, but a linchpin for effective policymaking, innovation, and societal functionality. Public trust is crucial; forming the foundation of a healthy democratic society and fostering social cohesion, stability, and effective governance.  

As public sector professionals we all have the same simple goal - to deliver meaningful, convenient, and accessible services for citizens. Simple goals however often become overwhelmed amongst a mass of noise, constantly shifting dynamics and seemingly endless competing priorities.  

But when done right, simple, intuitive, accessible, and inclusive services build public confidence and help us gain - and regain - citizen trust. This forms a virtuous cycle - more trust leads to more engagement, more data, improved performance, and the cycle continues. 

Recognising that rebuilding trust isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ but in fact a prerequisite for progress, in the 2023 Global Government Innovators eBook we focus on humanising the public sector entity and look to connect people with the faces, stories and projects advocating for, and shaping their future. 

This year we spotlight 50 dedicated and passionate individuals who prioritise citizen centricity. Who strive for innovation in the design and delivery of quality public services. And who, through their work and candour, aim to improve public policy and rekindle public trust.  

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