Time for a Professional Digital Signage Solution

31 October 2022 Jim Vair Author avatar

Digital Signage has been around for several years and over this time its capabilities have greatly evolved.  The early adopters were looking for simple infotainment and advertising outlet, however modern digital signage deployments are now considered a strategic part of an organization’s communications strategy.

The promise of digital signage is the ease of which it can be used to deliver timely, accurate and relevant information directly to a specific audience.  When approached with these goals, digital signage has proven to be an effective communications channel not only for your ‘customers’ (public) but also a tool to compliment your internal staff communications.

And just like all of most of us in the workforce today, it also can do more than one job.  In addition to the ‘passive’ presentation/dissemination of information, with the right technology, it can also be used for on-demand content presentation (e.g. training / education) and play a significant role in crisis communications.

The goal should be one visual communications platform in place that can help you reach your audience across any of the below channels.

  • Lobby Screens
  • Meeting Room Schedule screens
  • Room Status Monitors
  • Event schedule presentation
  • Employee In/Out board
  • Digital Corkboard
  • Interactive Kiosks (touch, voice, gesture)
  • Digital Two-Way Greeter
  • Outdoor LED
  • Sidewalk / Parking Lot communications
  • Access Control screens (people counting solutions)
  • Desktop / Remote worker presentations.
  • Video Wall (passive / interactive)
  • Donor Recognition (passive / interactive)

Case studies on the effectiveness of modern digital signage implementations can be found at https://publicsectornetwork.com/marketplace/vendors/capital-networks-limited/case_study

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Time for a Professional Digital Signage Solution
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