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The MetroMap Insights product continues to evolve, specialising in transforming past and current high resolution imagery data into actionable insights.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, cloud-computing technology and data science, MetroMap provides product-market fit and scalable solutions to public sector clients. 

Area Insights are currently delivered as six vector layers representing driveways, swimming pools, trees, grass, solar panels and buildings, based on the area of interest (LGA, Suburb or custom polygon). Formats are GIS-ready files (.SHP, .TAB, .GeoJSON) for integration into GIS software such as QGIS, ArcGIS, MapInfo. 

These enhanced insights are a result of the ability to identify patterns and trends across large datasets as well as quantitative information, which is not possible with human analysis.

Property Insights include information related to the Area Insights as well as generic property address information, available as a spreadsheet (.CSV) for import into programs such as Excel, PowerBI, Tableau.

Significant benefits of property insights include safety and cost through the reduction/elimination of site visits, and the ability to drill into specific LGAs or other targeted areas.

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