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Hybrid Multicloud going Mainstream: The Most Common Use Cases

The trajectory for workload deployment has shifted to hybrid multicloud. Hybrid multicloud deployments allows  IT professionals to consume the best of public cloud services (resource scalability and simplified management) with the security, control, and performance of an on-premise private cloud.

What are the most common use cases for hybrid multicloud? Let’s have a look:

Reliable Disaster Recovery 

Businesses are demanding a higher level of data protection with faster recovery from failures and outages. IT needs to expand beyond primary datacenter to meet business continuity and disaster recovery SLAs deliver reliable outcomes and without breaking the budget.

  • Find solutions that are efficiently deployed without cloud lock-in terms and that minimize the number of new tools or silos of technology you’ll need to learn and manage.

 On Demand Capacity

Bursting and Elasticity Temporary spikes in business demand such as holiday seasons can make capacity planning difficult and expensive. Many organizations over-provision data center resources for these spikes, which leads to excess capital expenditures and underutilized capacity. Use managed and public clouds to handle the resources needed for seasonal activity.

  • Look for solutions that rapidly burst composable environments to public clouds on-demand or automatically for dev/test, seasonal workloads and testing new apps, services and regions.

 Rapid Application Development and Mobility

Loading existing applications to a managed or public cloud can be challenging. Applications may need architectural adjustments which can be time consuming and slow to make.

  • Consider solutions that can provide application mobility   by using a common operating environment between private and public clouds that minimizes the need to retool and refactor.

 The time is now to consider how hybrid multicloud solutions could help you with your workload deployments. The flexibility, increased agility and rapid scaling delivered by hybrid multicloud will improve your business continuity, expand application migration initiatives, and accelerate your cloud deployment across 3-tier, private and public clouds. Read more at:

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