How DevOps and DevSecOps help government agencies achieve their goals

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Milena Tsitovitch 23 April 2021
How DevOps and DevSecOps help government agencies achieve their goals

The rapid shift to remote work saw plenty of unexpected benefits; from higher meeting attendance to greater trust and flexibility, there have been plenty of positives. However, at the same time, the telework infrastructure has exposed several weaknesses. Whether it’s an increase in cyberattack risk to traffic overload, there are plenty of challenges facing government agencies today.

DevOps and DevSecOps may be the key to solving some of these challenges for government agencies. Both of these focus on creating new solutions for complex software development processes within an agile framework.

Why focus on DevOps and DevSecOps?

While it is not a fixed methodology, automation and a collaborative culture are the foundation for accepted DevOps practices. Some of these practices include:

  • Measuring the things that have an impact on an organisation’s goals
  • Collaborating with and including all teams in the software delivery process, from planning to production
  • Automating the development pipeline and removing bottlenecks for faster delivery

Both DevOps and DevSecOps can ensure that the delivery of a product is fast, secure and constantly evolving. This is vital to helping the Australian government maintain continuity during the ongoing pandemic and set up future stability. Without DevOps, government agencies will be significantly left behind, lacking the foundation needed to build a strong tech stack and work with other emerging tech solutions.

Keep things connected

With the current government workforce spread out geographically across the country, existing networks are experiencing a never-before-seen surge in users plugging in to the virtual sphere. Continuous updates and improvements help ensure this virtual system and remote access remains secure, functional and capable of handling the increased load. DevOps ensures that the right tools and processes are in place to support growth and prevent connection hiccups or network failure.

Provide secure access management

Tools that can assist a remote workforce in maintaining continuity are vital to a successful and productive government agency. Workers need the right access to perform their roles efficiently, while departments need to maintain control over what and how data is shared to prevent any leaks or breaches. Access management is vital in remote environments to ensure tighter control over who has privileged access. DevOps and DevSecOps can help achieve this security by providing solutions that ensure secure privileged access.

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