Global Report - Defending Activists and Journalists

2 December 2019 Heather Dailey Author avatar
Open Government Partnership 2019 Reference: Without activists and journalists, open government is severely weakened. They serve as critical intermediaries, connecting public institutions and decision-makers with everyday citizens. They inform and raise awareness of issues–as well as demand accountability when it is needed. Protecting this essential watchdog role also protects the people who use open government every day to create change. In four out of five OGP countries , journalists report harassment, often from non-state actors. In 50 OGP countries, there is inadequate investigation and prosecution of threats against journalists. This paper outlines the commitments of the OGP which provide important protections such as whistleblower laws, task forces, and data collection.  OGP encourages journalists and activists to use the OGP process to help further the right to information and fight corruption.

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Global Report - Defending Activists and Journalists
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