Connectivity 4.0: The New Business Imperative

Connectivity 4.0: The New Business Imperative

Emerging from the disruption of the pandemic, businesses and governments have been lashed with a perfect storm of challenges — rising costs, redistribution of the workforce, labour shortages, increased cyber risks, global geo-political instability, climate change, and increasing customer expectations. As a result, many organisations have doubled down on the digital transformations they began or accelerated during the pandemic. 

They are transitioning to new operating models based entirely on digital tools and services. These operating models are based not on implementing one or two applications, but instead, revolve around a complete rebalancing of the business by reviewing existing technology debt and implementing a whole-of-business technology transformation that will take the organisation to the next level.

This report explores the challenges of the current era and how next-generation connectivity solutions can resolve them. I trust you will find it illuminating and challenging in equal measures – and I look forward to hearing how you leverage it to build a competitive advantage for your business and your customers.

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Purva Deshpande Senior Marketing Manager, Public Sector Network