Thinking about Tech and Innovation in new ways for a better WA

16 March 2023 Alex Kats Author avatar

Western Australia is far removed from the east coast, but the state often uses the tyranny of distance to their advantage. This is certainly the case when it comes to technology and innovation. To ensure that they stay ahead of the curve, the state government has recently released an Innovation Strategy and a Digital Strategy, each with significant funds behind them to ensure that these are not just documents, but are implementable strategic priorities for the benefit of the state. 

The goal for WA, like for every jurisdiction, is to be citizen-centric and customer focused. Whilst they know they are not quite there yet, there are processes and services in place to get there, including the Service WA app. WA is also aiming to attract and retain tech workers, and much like the rest of the country, knows that they need to build the right kind of environment so that their jurisdiction is an attractive place for innovation. 

For both employee attraction and customer centricity, collaboration is key. During the height of the pandemic, agencies were forced to work together. Now they need to do it not just in a temporary, ad hoc way, but in a strategic way for the betterment of their citizens. 

Taken together, the strategies, funds and collaborative efforts will ultimately ensure that WA is as best placed as it can be to be a tech hub and to attract the workers it needs to ensure this is the case for many years to come. 

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