The SaaS Checklist

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) paradigm is the most significant change of direction for the IT industry in the last 30 years. Adopting a SaaS approach demands a rethink of the entire IT business model. Given the significance of the SaaS paradigm, one would expect agency executives and IT professionals to be well-versed in the difference between SaaS and traditional IT. The following Public Sector Research Checklist compares the benefits of SaaS to traditional (legacy) IT. In life nothing is free. So, with SaaS. A future Public Sector Research paper will look at some of the issues with a SaaS architecture. This is not a technical paper – SaaS benefits identified should be of interest to both business and IT executives. #SaaS, #cloud, #CIO, #agility, #awareness, #innovation, #design