Spotlight on Rail – A State of Design & Make Special Edition

Spotlight on Rail – A State of Design & Make Special Edition

Rapid global growth in rail demand is expected, with passenger and freight activities projected to double by 2050. As countries strive for net-zero goals amidst a predicted population increase of nearly two billion in the next three decades, rail emerges as a viable solution. Rails offer safe and familiar transportation for large urban communities, with carbon emissions up to 80% lower than aviation.

Investments reflect this trend, with global governments updating existing networks and creating new ones to meet modern needs. For example, Australia has A$70 billion in rail construction activity planned over the next 5 years, the US has allocated $1.4 billion for 70 rail projects, India announced $32.7 billion for rail in its national budget, and the EU has €25.8 billion for projects including high-speed railways.

This represents an unprecedented opportunity for rail industry organisations, despite a talent shortage necessitating improved workflows to manage increasing projects efficiently. 

Autodesk's recent Rail Summit in Amsterdam, attended by 30 global rail industry leaders, explored these challenges. Insights from this, combined with Autodesk’s 2024 State of Design & Make report, will explore how these organisations are preparing for the future through digital transformation.

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