Is Government Optimising One of Its Best Service Design Partners – Its Citizens?

What is the best way for governments to achieve a customer-centric approach in order to enhance user experiences and engagement? Listen to their citizens, of course.

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Heather Dailey 4 April 2024

Service Design Improvement – Citizen Collaboration is Key 

Our ANZ government participants have had their eyes on the importance of user-centricity now more than ever. 

“Citizen-sourcing” is on the rise both in ANZ and around the world where governments use digital platforms to interact with citizens, co-create services and co-design policies. This approach to interaction reduces the distance between government and citizens, strengthens mutual understanding and public trust, and delivers social benefits, therefore shaping communities for the better.   

Explore data from over 300 public sector professionals from across Australia and New Zealand and discover how they're working to improve Public Sector digital services using citizen feedback and what barriers stand in the way.  

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