Cyber Security and Risk Management Roadshow: 2022's Highlights

19 December 2022 Jane Murugan Author avatar

Every day, public sector cyber leaders are having to deal with growing sophisticated cyber hacks threatening to bring their organisations down to their knees. 

This year’s Cyber Security & Risk Management Roadshow shined a light on how best to mitigate risk and learn through collaboration. After the event, we took time to interview nine expert speakers from the series and have collated best practice tips and strategies. 

Here are some highlights from the event:

  1. A changing landscape
  2. Threats and risks
  3. From protection to resilience
  4. Acknowledging the vulnerabilities
  5. The importance of a supportive culture
  6. Knowing the enemy
  7. The key to success is collaboration
  8. Coming together in greater resilience

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