Corporate Service Innovation: Key Trends & Priorities Shaping State Government Procurement and Finance Transformation

13 December 2022 Nouha Elmasri Author avatar

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the waymost industries operate. For most office workers across the corporate sector, initially it forced employees to work from home, but then as the pandemic began to recede, many of the workers returned to the office and realised that things had to change. Overall, working in silos is now clearly no longer viable, with every office and sector embracing collaboration and better communication. But beyond the basics, there are other areas which the public sector can and should be focussing on.

In August 2022, over 150 people across Melbourne and Sydney came together to participate in Public Sector Network’s Corporate Roadshow. In line with the priorities and trends of the two largest states ahead of imminent state elections, the event in Melbourne focussed on procurement whilst the event in Sydney showcased finance innovation.

Read on to explore priorities in each state, unpack key challenges and delve into first hand case studies from public sector corporate service leaders including: 

  1. Marija Maher, Chief Operating Officer, Victorian Ombudsman
  2. Deidre O'Neill, Director, Commercial Transactions Team, Department of Enterprise Investment and Trade NSW  
  3. Thomai Veginis, Chief Procurement Officer, Department of Transport Victoria
  4. Dan Bowes, Executive Director, Taxes and Grants, Revenue NSW

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