Alignment, Cost & Engagement: The Benefits of Project Management

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Nouha Elmasri 23 February 2024
Alignment, Cost & Engagement: The Benefits of Project Management

Without proactive project management you'll find yourself constantly firefighting, your team unengaged, and your business unit operating as a siloed lone ranger. All this leads to poor quality deliverables and damage to reputation. The City of Edmonton, Canada found themselves in the same boat. Projects faltered and the City operated reactively, without clear alignment or integration with broader City functions. 

With a four-pronged approach, focused on: 

  1. Direction 
  2. Transparency 
  3. People 
  4. Measures

The City of Edmonton successfully realigned Project Management functions to deliver wide-spread business value. Nisreen Hussain, Director - Corporate Technology shares the City's story in this week's episode of the Public Sector Podcast. 


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Nouha Elmasri Global Content Strategist, Public Sector Network