Workplace Wellbeing & Experience in a Post-Pandemic World

26 March 2021 Lily Stokes Author avatar

2020 has gotten a lot of hate. Instead of bashing the year that was some more (although it probably deserves it), I’m here to focus on something positive that 2020 bought us – an accelerated focus on workplace wellbeing & employee experience.

For maybe the first time in human history we’re seeing positive developments in terms of how we work. Flexibility, mental health and overall human experience are being put ahead of mere output.

More than this though, according to Forbes we’re now seeing a pivot away from simple employee experience to a more multidimensional and holistic outlook. Through a focus on human experience or – HX you support your people to have more fulfilling lives. This in turn helps them bring a more productive version of themselves to their work.

Earlier this month we held the Workplace Wellbeing & Employee Experience virtual event, which was attended by almost 200 APS professionals.

We surveyed our attendees to learn a little more about the effect of the pandemic on their ways of working and on their employee, or better yet, their human experience priorities.

  • 82% APS professionals said they were forced to completely shift ways of working at the onset of the pandemic
  • 30% of those surveyed said that flexible work options were always a priority, but that Covid-19 accelerated this process
  • 55% said that mental health were priority areas over the next 12 month

Check out all the results below. Did you experience something similar at your department?

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