The Future of Learning and Development

The Future of Learning and Development

Learning is a fundamental building block of life, whilst the learning and development (L&D) division is often a fundamental part of any large scale or public sector institution. Many of these divisions though lack foresight or strategic vision.

This paper brings together the viewpoints of L&D experts from large public sector institutions. Some suggest new ways for tackling various aspects of L&D, whilst others focus on specific areas within learning to further develop and enhance success. They come from different perspectives but each expert is looking towards a future where L&D and other traits are regularly updated for the betterment of the whole organisation.

Key Take-outs:

  • Learning is the fundamental building block of life, and L&D is a fundamental part of most large or public sector organisations
  • Ultimately L&D is about people, so people should be placed at the centre of any L&D strategy
  • Having the right strategy for the right purpose is important
  • There are certain factors to consider when developing or delivering a strategy
  • Sometimes it is an opportunity to redesign the operating model and to make learning part of the business-as-usual operations • Leadership is a hugely important part of learning, and being aware of the successful leadership traits and how to use them is a key to success
  • Continuous learning should be one of the goals of a good L&D strategy
  • Though changing the culture of an organisation is one of the hardest things to do

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