Modernizing Human Resources in the Canadian Public Service

29 January 2024 Tony Naldinho Author avatar

The modernization of Human Resources is a universal challenge faced across the Canadian Public Service. Outdated systems, manual processes, spreadsheet dependency, and email communication have hindered efficiency and adaptability in an environment that demands continuous change.

Recently, we partnered with Appian and Transport Canada to launch the Modernizing Human Resources in the Canadian Public Service webinar. Both partners presented their experience in using technology for HR modernization. This approach leverages automation technology in a self-managed or Protected B SaaS cloud. This webinar provides unique perspectives, real-world public sector examples, and insightful discussions on the potential of workflow applications powered by automation in addressing HR challenges within reasonable time frames while reducing the budgetary burden.

Want to learn more about forging a future-ready Public Sector? Come join us at the annual HR and Future of Work Roadshow where government leaders and experts will share with you their experiences in the trenches of transformation and innovation. Speakers will lead keynotes, and case studies, as well as engage in thought-provoking panels, focused on top challenges, strategies, and best practices as they prepare for the future of the public sector.

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