Data Management & Analytics Roadshow 2022 Highlights

Building a Smart Public Sector with Data Collaboration and Automation

Data is increasingly becoming the world’s most important currency.
According to the CSIRO’s Data61, by unlocking data insights, and capitalising on our nation’s strengths in data science, Australia is looking at a $315 billion economic opportunity.

Recently the public sector has become increasingly aware of the potential value that can be gained from leveraging data as a strategic asset, but the sector still struggles with effective methods to extract true value from insights, while maintaining privacy and security. However, with a robust the support structure and comprehensive frameworks in place, public sector information can be transformed into tangible insights that deliver cost savings and better citizen services .

This year's Data Management and Analytics Roadshow focused on exploring emerging techniques for data visualisation such as Data Sharing and Artificial Intelligence, as we shared real-world case studies and engage in thought-provoking roundtables.

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