Building a Human-Centred Digital Government for New South Wales

Fires, floods, and a pandemic closed our offices, shops and social lives; these wild events – in quick succession – collectively plunged life as we knew it into unchartered territory. 

Businesses and communities struggled to adjust. As we watched our economy shaken and tested, we knew that the road to economic recovery and our ability to stimulate industry to support future growth hinged on our State’s ability to deliver smart, simple, and seamless personalised experiences through digital channels. 

To achieve this, we must digitise all government services, invest in technological breakthroughs, and create an extensive partner ecosystem. Collaboration and innovation remain at the core of all our endeavours. 

Through stories shared first hand from NSW government change makers we delve into how NSW departments and agencies are working to build a human centred digital government by:

  1. Adapting to a harsher world and building resiliency 
  2. Prioritising human-centric digital service design 
  3. Preparing for the next wave of inclusive services 
  4. Driving digital innovation through cross department collaboration 

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