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Teresa Anderson 12 August 2021
Procurement Innovation in the APS

Supply chains the world over suffered a real shock as a result of Covid-19. For the public sector, the fragility of supply chain and procurement initiatives was highlighted. This coupled with our growing dependence upon global supply has exposed weaknesses in long-standing ways of working.

Supply chain and procurement professionals across the APS are now taking the lessons learned from the last 18 months and are looking to enact change.

Through new ways of working, procurement leaders are looking towards smarter, better, and more efficient procurement practices. However a number of challenges; including operational complexity and competing priorities stand in the way.

Governments across Australia and New Zealand recognise the need to drive innovation and are establishing new frameworks that maximises the benefits that can be delivered through procurement processes.

At the Recent Procurement Innovation virtual event we surveyed procurement, supply chain and contract management professionals from across A/NZ to learn more about their challenges and priorities as we move towards 2022.

  • 63% of APS procurement leaders enacted some sort of change as a result of the pandemic.
  • 32% said organisational process complexity is the biggest barrier of change.
  • 16% said eProcurement was their biggest priority for 2022

Check out all the results below. Did your department experience something similar?

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Teresa Anderson Community Director and Head of Production ANZ