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Neboneid Hamoo 29 September 2020
Healthcare Innovation in 2020

Technology has changed how the world operates, but it has not changed the healthcare sector as much or as quickly as other sectors. Yet even the healthcare sector has realised that change is necessary, and technology is a key to that change.

As such, many healthcare services have begun to innovate their practices and their service delivery. This process began before COVID-19, but the pandemic has focussed some of the innovation and has provided opportunities that the healthcare sector is now keen to embrace to ensure that it remains future-focussed.

This paper incorporates the innovation examples from three different jurisdictions, from the catalysts that led to innovation, to the way they dealt with the opportunities that COVID-19 presented. Their examples are unique but their lessons and perspectives are broad and universal.

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Neboneid Hamoo Data Management & Analytics / Corporate & Shared Services Partnership Director, Public Sector Network