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Rosie Fea 11 January 2021
Digitally Transforming Corporate Services

Digital transformation and improvement for businesses and public sector organisations is a necessary part of modern operations. This has especially become true since the start of the pandemic, given the number of employees forced to working remotely.

This paper examines the digital transformation processes of three very different organisations from different jurisdictions, and follows their journeys before and during the pandemic, as well as their future goals and challenges. The lessons they have learned have made them more resilient, and the ramifications will be around for years to come.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many businesses and public sector organisations were on a path towards digital transformation before the pandemic hit, but COVID-19 has exacerbated the process
  • For the Canadian Department of National Defence, the transformation was about remote work processes and about reducing administrative burdens
  • For Western Sydney University, the transformation was about developing shared services across the university to centralise processes
  • For Cenitex (Vic), transformations occurred in the use of robotic, procurement changes, and the digitisation of forms
  • Embedding these changes and working with the mental health ramifications from the pandemic will be ongoing challenges

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