On-Demand: Innovate California 2022 - Bridging the Digital Divide for More Secure & Reliable Services

Panel: Bridging the Digital Divide 

In this session our panel of executive leaders discuss:  

  • How digital technologies can bused to improve public engagement through safer, more secure and reliable services 
  • Integrating public services into more flexible, and far-reaching digital platforms  
  • Improving Equity: Identifying and eliminate inequity, exclusion, and bias in state program requirements, policies, and technical systems 

Insights from:  

  • David Huebner, Head of Digital Innovation and Analytics - HR Modernization Project, City and County of San Francisco 
  • Ryan Ettl, SLED Solutions Architect, Infoblox Public Sector 
  • Adelita Lopez, Acting Chief Innovation Officer, City of Long Beach 
  • Moderator: Jim Walker, SVP Public Sector, Roboyo