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Nouha Elmasri 9 December 2022
Global Government Innovators eBook

Fires, floods, a global pandemic. Riots, revolts, workforce strikes. Cyber hacks, terrorist attacks and international armed conflict. These are indeed unprecedented times.  

At the centre of it all are government agencies working hard to keep their citizens safe, informed and connected, despite needing to navigate unchartered waters at the same time.  

The future of government in different regions at all levels and within all functions looks very different. Now, more than ever, governments are reflecting on their role, on their processes, on the way they ‘do government’ to assess opportunities to best deliver services to citizens and ensure that trust is maintainedWhere can we do more with less? Are we inclusive? Are we accessible? Are we secure? Are teams efficient and productive? Can we do better?    

With contributions from 35 public sector leaders from all tiers of government from five regions – Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom - Public Sector Network’s 2022 Global Government Innovators eBook has been written to showcase the people and projects that supported their citizens and kept everything running during a chaotic few years, as well as those driving transformation to help build a stronger, smarter, more resilient public sector for the future. 

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National Security & Public Safety
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Nouha Elmasri Global Content Strategist, Public Sector Network