Effective Communications to Constituents Relying on Social Safety Net Programs

As the need for social services is impacted by Covid-19, the need to send special notices is increasing exponentially.  Notices about Medicaid renewals, SNAP Interim reports, approval notifications, requests for information, etc.  has increased to include special notices about emergency SNAP, allotment changes, interview process changes, and more.  This can be very confusing to constituents and will likely generate an increase in phone calls.

Quadient Inspire allows agencies to communicate with constituents in the way that is easiest for them.  With dynamically created custom notices that are delivered across multiple communication channels (SMS, email and others), agencies can increase reach and effectiveness and reduce inbound call traffic.  Enrollment and information requests can be supported by electronic forms to complete processes.  Useful information is easy to find and constituents can be connected with the support that they need quickly — providing a positive experience and allowing workers to focus on the high-value programs that provide critical safety net services to the community.

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