Driving Access, Inclusion and Innovation across Digital Government

6 June 2022 Juhi Agarwal Author avatar

As we journey beyond COVID-19, digital services will remain the primary way in which citizens engage with government, and thus require sustained prioritisation. To maintain momentum, government must continue to integrate accessibility, inclusion and innovation across digital service design and delivery. In 2022, we cannot let innovation diminish just because the challenges of the pandemic recede.

As we embark on the long road to recovery, let’s sustain our digital transformation trajectory by reviewing, renewing and refining services for each and every citizen. By leveraging behavioural data and insights, we can maximise positive outcomes while fostering engagement and trust. Continuing to build digital capability and culture within our agencies means that citizens can reap the benefits of a more efficient, more informed public service. So let’s invent beyond necessity by refining all that we’ve achieved so far.

This paper brings together Australian experts in digitisation from the private and public sectors. All have had to navigate their way through transformations and the pandemic, and all have learned valuable lessons along the way.

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