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Data Management & Analytics
Government Insights – Winter Edition

Wednesday, January 26, 2022 | 12pm – 2:20pm ET | Online

Event Overview

Cutting through Complexity to Deliver Clarity for Actionable Insights

 Everything we do as citizens of the 21st century generates data. The strategic and responsible harnessing of this data could play a key role in the public sector’s ability to solve countless societal challenges. The mission of modernizing data however—digitizing it, storing it, sharing access to it, and ensuring its safety—is no small feat. How can public agencies most effectively leverage the huge amounts of collected data to execute sound public policy?


It starts with data experts coming together with their peers to share their experiences and lessons learned. All government agencies have a role to play in conceptualizing the post-COVID “new normal.” Each department ultimately determines its own unique protocols yet still collaborating on a common goal and developing best practices together can only help. Whether you are a data scientist, a cyber security professional, a Chief Data Officer, or anyone in the public sector who is determined to modernize the way we use data, your input is essential.


Public Sector Network’s Government Data Insights: Winter Edition virtual event will bring together public sector data professionals across all levels of government from across the country to share best practices on how to collect, manage, and leverage data across all levels and agencies of government. Join us to learn how governments can capitalize on the data revolution, streamline internal processes, and achieve key policy outcomes. 

Benefits of Attending

 Discuss best practices for top-notch data governance approaches that incorporate routine data quality and maturity assessments 

Unlock the potential of cross-agency data collaboration 

Unlock the potential of cross-agency data collaboration 

Examine innovative systems and tools that boost digital data capabilities 

A Sneak Peek Of Your Inspiring Speakers

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Key Sessions

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How Texas is Positioning Itself for the Future

Data is the key to government’s modernization efforts, particularly in the State of Texas. During his tenure as the state’s Chief Data Officer, Ed Kelly has continually removed roadblocks and accelerated the state’s innovation ability. During the latest legislative session, Texas passed S.B. 475, mandating that all state agencies employing more than 150 people appoint a data officer. Ed Kelly will discuss how his office is helping this new generation of leaders step into new roles and how this positions Texas for the future.

New York City’s Analytics Exchange

In 2017, New York City established a program for data analysts from across its many agencies to come together to share current projects, challenges, and best practices. This past year, the Analytics Exchange hosted a 2-day learning summit for over 800 City-employed data professionals, fostering greater collaboration and professional development. Cynthia Nicklin, Data Operations Manager for the NYC Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics, will share lessons learned from the Analytics Exchange’s creation that can help your organization create its own successful communities of practice.

Designing Good Governance to Meet Data Requests

David will discuss approaching data governance from a legal standpoint and how the Mississippi State Department of Health has implemented solid data governance principles to enable and fulfill timely, secure data requests.

Why Top-Down Policy is Essential for Enhanced Data Literacy

Being data literate is essential for all people in decision-making roles. To date, the predominant paradigm has been for CDOs to bring data to their elected official to craft policy. This panel discussion will highlight the reasons why policy is essential to start the conversation, rather than existing as a result.

Building Intelligent Automation

Data are the building blocks for all types of artificial intelligence. Everyone has data, yet not everyone is fully leveraging the beneficial, cost-effective solutions that intelligence automation offers. This panel discussion will discuss how you can organize and assess your data for intelligent technology applications, such as help tools and chat bots, among other innovations.

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