Digital.NSW 2023 Showcase

Where Do Customer and Digital Go Next?

Wednesday, 22nd November 2023 | Royal Randwick, Sydney  


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What’s In Store for 2023

Fires, floods, and a pandemic closed our offices, shops and social lives; these wild events – in quick succession – collectively plunged life as we knew it into unchartered territory.

Businesses and communities struggled to adjust. As we watched our economy shaken and tested, we knew that the road to economic recovery and our ability to stimulate industry to support future growth hinged on our State’s ability to deliver smart, simple, and seamless personalised experiences through digital channels.

The Digital.NSW Showcase will share detailed examples of how NSW departments and agencies enable greater accessibility by addressing the digital divide and improving connectivity in our State; ways to extract real value from data with, and without, AI interventions; and methods to achieve the next phase of cyber security maturity.

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Last Years Event Streams

Digital & CX

This stream will explore what’s next for the Future Service NSW Roadmap, how to keep the customer at the centre, share practical examples from key stakeholders who working on digitally transforming our smart and connected places, and discuss how we can bridge the digital divide for greater and more equitable access to services.

Data & AI

Usable, accessible – yet secure- data is the lifeblood for any organisation that seeks to improve its operations, services and informed decision-making capacity. This stream will explore the future of digital identity in NSW, discuss ways to attain maturity and also explain the exciting possibilities that AI has opened for NSW Government organisations. 

ICT & Security

Understanding the new opportunities presented by, the Future NSW Technology Platforms Roadmap is key for any organisation in the NSW public service that strives to thrive in the new digital age. This stream will not only delve into the key priorities but also deep dive into how the next phase of cyber security maturity can be achieved.

What Your Peers Had To Say

“Really enjoyed the variety of speakers and the panels were just fantastic – perfect choice of speakers and they were really inspirational and engaging.”

“An event that’s engaging for both attendees as well as exhibitors. Genuine, valuable conversations driven by mutual goal of constantly improving.”

“It was a good opportunity to listen to inspiring leaders on the state of NSW government innovation and their strategies for the year ahead.”

Past Speakers

The Hon. Victor Michael Dominello, MP
Minister for customer service and digital government

Damon Rees,
Chief Executive Officer, Service NSW 

Greg Wells,
NSW Government Chief Information and Digital Officer, Department of Customer Service

Kiersten Fishburn,
Deputy Secretary, Cities & Active Transport, Transport for NSW

Sandie Matthews,
Chief Information & Data Officer, Department of Education

Imma Chippendale,
Chief Digital Officer, Regional NSW

Kylie de Courteney,
Chief Executive Officer, NSW Telco Authority


Zoran Bolevich,
Chief executive officer & chief information officer, eHealth NSW

Discussing the Most Current Topics

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#Future NSW Roadmap

#Smart Places

#Realising AI Benefits

#Next Gen Cyber

#Skills Shortage

#Open Data

#Digital Accessibility

“We can all do our things in siloes and in many ways we can do good things in a silo. But to do great things, to do legacy pieces that truly put the citizen at the heart of everything we do, it requires a whole of government collaboration. When you land a project like that, you know you’ve climbed Everest rather than just your local mountain.”

The Hon. Victor Dominello, MP for Customer Service, NSW Government

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