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Optimising Governance, Reporting & Decision Making

2- day | Wednesdays, 11 & 18 May 2022 | 10am – 2pm AEST | Online

Training Overview

Further Creating Modern, Transparent, Ethical Decision Making in the Public Sector

Now more than ever, leaders are accountable for effective decision-making that moves their department towards defined goals and desired outcomes. Having clear lines of accountability and an effective, defined decision-making model that aligns with Departmental Policies and Procedures is paramount to successfully delivering on expectations and accountabilities.

Through an innovative mix of lecture-style presentations, interactive group exercises, and expert feedback, participants in the Optimising Governance, Reporting & Decision Making online training will explore the fundamentals of governance application in their own work environments, break down challenges and barriers that keep the back-office fixed on redundant approaches, and envisage future ways to optimise key aspects of their role that are cost-effective, viable, and of a standard that meets and maintains compliance at a departmental and government level.

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Learning  Outcomes

Rethinking cost, compliance, governance, and reporting

Explore the benefit of looking to digital innovation to respond to inevitable disruptions through a technological lens

Clarifying what good governance looks like

Navigating decision making
in relation to the hierarchy of your agency’s governance environment

Increasing corporate astuteness

Learn how to increase corporate astuteness in
governance, reporting and decision making through the use of emerging models and frameworks

Meet Your Facilitator

Lisa Coletta, Managing Director, The Governance Collective

Having worked in both the private and public sector, and developed a career that spans well over two decades in governance at varying levels, Lisa could see a need to define and rejuvenate the governance frameworks and processes used in organisations.

Through advising Chairs, Boards, Committees, Managing Directors, and Executives on corporate governance, Lisa has enabled active and adaptive management approaches to aid in the delivery of business strategies and enable effective decision making.

As a corporate governance change leader, she leads a collective of senior specialists that shape, drive and implement ‘right-sized’ efficient governance policy and related frameworks and processes holistically in businesses.

Key Sessions

Day 1Day 2

Fundamentals and Keynotes

  • An Introduction to Governance
  • What Successful Governance Requires During Turbulent Economic Times
  • Implementing the Right Tools and Solutions to Enhance Decision Making
  • The Foundations for Building Smarter Decision-Making Capabilities

Break out Activity

  • Let’s learn about ourselves – What type of governing leaders are in the room?


  • Model for Applying, Adopting and Developing Right Sized Policies and Procedures for Your Department
  • The Foundations for Building Smarter Decision-Making Capabilities

Application and Evaluation through a Group ProjectYour Cycle of Influence to Improve Governance in Your Environment

  • Project Brief – What position are you in to change your governance world – Assessing how much influence you actually have right now
  • Project Application – Becoming an agent of change, regardless of your positional power
  • Project Presentation – Pitch and Share
  • Project Review – Evaluation and Feedback

Gain Implementable Strategies

Work on realistic datasets that have the same challenges as your own data for customer-centric outcomes

Leave with a functional process that can be applied to any dataset to ensure reporting is clear, unambiguous, and compelling

Walk away with a course content pack including slide decks, session recordings, and templates

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