Past, Present and Future of AI
in the Public Sector

May 2 & 9, 2024 | Online Training | 11:00 AM – 2:45 PM EST

Training Overview

Harnessing AI’s Power in the Public Sector

Experience the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in project management within the public sector through our immersive training program, Past, Present and Future of AI in the Public Sector. Discover how AI technologies are revolutionizing traditional project management practices and learn how to harness their potential to drive innovation and achieve greater project success.

Globally, the AI project management market is projected to reach $5.7 billion by 2028, growing from $2.5 billion in 2023. AI’s predictive abilities enhance project visibility, enabling proactive responses and issue anticipation. Presently, only 35% of projects succeed, partly due to limited tech maturity. AI is poised to revolutionize project management. Our immersive program, “AI Transforming Project Management in the Public Sector,” uncovers AI’s impact on traditional practices. Learn to leverage AI for innovation, resource optimization, and better decision-making.

In this dynamic training, participants will delve into the practical applications of AI in project management, exploring how predictive analytics and intelligent algorithms can optimize decision-making and resource allocation. Through engaging presentations, interactive discussions, and real-world case studies, you will gain valuable insights into implementing AI-driven strategies and navigating the unique challenges of the public sector.

By attending this training, professionals in the public sector will gain a competitive edge, equipping themselves with the knowledge and tools to spearhead AI adoption and drive efficiency in their projects. Join us to unlock the potential of AI, capitalize on its benefits, and pave the way for a future of smarter and more effective project management in the public sector.

Who Should Attend

The training is designed for participants with a basic understanding of project management principles and a general familiarity with AI concepts.


Project Managers, Project Leads, Product Managers, Program Managers

IT Managers, Technology Leads, Innovation Managers,

Strategy Managers, Operations
Managers, Public Sector Leaders

Learning Outcomes

Gain in-depth knowledge of AI’s impact on project management in the public sector.

Improve decision-making and resource allocation
through AI-driven insights.

Stay ahead of industry trends and advancements in AI for project management and increase project efficiency and productivity with AI-powered automation

Drive innovation and organizational growth by
leveraging AI technologies.

Network and collaborate with industry professionals in
the public sector.

Meet Your Facilitator

Charmi Chokshi

Charmi Chokshi is passionate about tech & community and her journey has led her to become an international speaker, one of the youngest Google Developers Experts in ML and Google Cloud Champion Innovator. To date, she has spoken at 35+ conferences and has trained 25k+ professionals and students in AI and Machine Learning.

In the past year, she became an awardee for WeaveSphere Developer 30 Under 30 of Canada, a runner-up in the ‘Outstanding in AI – Young AI Role Model of the Year’ – North America by Women in AI, and a Rising Star awardee by Womxn in Data Science. She has worked professionally with early-stage startups and tech giants like AWS and ISRO to solve real-life problems.

Charmi has a Master’s degree in ML from World Recount Mila and the University of Montreal, Canada.

Key Sessions

Day 1: Modules 1 to 3Day 2: Modules 4 to 6

Module 1: Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Understanding the fundamentals of AI
  • Difference between AI, ML, DL
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  • Coding Exercise

Module 2: Introduction to Deep Learning

  • Introduction to Neural Networks
  • Tools and Frameworks
  • Coding Exercises

Module 3: AI in Public Sector

  • Case studies related to the application of AI in various sectors such as health care, smart cities, education, fraud detection, etc.
  • Group Discussion

Module 4: Introduction to Natural Language Processing

  • Overview of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its applications
  • Key challenges and opportunities in processing human language
  • Demos and Coding Exercises
  • Overview of Generative AI

Module 5: Introduction to Computer Vision

  • Understanding image processing techniques in CV
  • Cutting-edge techniques in a CV: semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, etc.
  • Guided hands-on session: Building a simple CV project

Module 6: AI for Project Management

  • AI for Risk Management, Project Monitoring, and Evaluation
  • AI for Decision Support in Project Management
  • Ethical Considerations and Challenges of AI in Project Management
  • Group Discussion


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Regular Price

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$995 USD

per person + tax

Additional discounts are available for group registrations of 10 or more.
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* Registration for this training is exclusively for professionals currently working within the Public Sector.

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