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Revolutionising Data Governance, Information Management & Data Strategy in Government

Part of the Data Management & Analytics National Insights Series

Thursday, 28 July 2022 | 11am – 1:10pm AEST | Online

Event Overview

Cutting through Complexity to Deliver Clarity for Actionable Insights

Organisations on the data transformation journey are faced with ever-increasing complexity and competing priorities. To manage data decisions in this environment comes with reinforced responsibility to ensure the quality of data inputs, governance framework design and implementation, and maturity of the workforce.

This quarter, we will be exploring the specific challenges and hallmarks of effective governance, leadership, and culture, to consistently translate data into a valuable business asset. The role of metadata, agility development, and proactive data stewardship in the data environment comes in when integrating the data strategy with both the IT and organisational strategies. In addition, we will be delving into the important user-centric aspects of information management including privacy and preserving the right to access information in digital government.

Join us at the complimentary “Revolutionising Data Governance, Information Management & Data Strategy in Government” virtual event to stand for the realisation of data as a strategic asset. Let us come together with collective wisdom and collaboration to advance the effectiveness of our digital government for greater innovation, societal and citizen benefit.

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Benefits of Attending

Hear the most recent developments and benchmark with your peers in data governance, management, and access across the state and federal public service.

Discover insights, perspectives, and practices to better incorporate data strategy in organisational practice, gain stronger stakeholder buy-in, and enable a more supportive data

Join your fellow data advocates and stewards within different organisations for dynamic case-study and best practice-sharing to further enable data as an asset.

Prepare for the future of data governance with the latest news, insights, and legislative updates to address information access, privacy, and risk.

A Sneak Peek Of Your Inspiring Speakers

Elizabeth Tydd,
NSW Information Commissioner,
Information & Privacy Commission & Open Data Advocate

Kim Weimer,
Assistant Director,
Regulatory Data & Analysis,
Essential Services Commission

Adam Berry,
Deputy Director
& Associate Professor,
Data Innovation,
UTS Data Science Institute

Key Sessions

Using Data Governance as an EnablerInformation Access in a Digital WorldEmbedding a Robust Enterprise Information Management Governance FrameworkReimagining Data Programs for Business Value

Using Data Governance as an Enabler Rather Than a Barrier or Checklist

  • Taking a step back to the “why” of data governance, and integrating this purpose into designs, culture, frameworks, and the way we work
  • Embedding & implementing the notion of data governance being more than an end in itself
  • Making data governance and data dictionaries accessible for the user, changing culture, and improving staff confidence

Tackling New Challenges & Next Steps for Information Access in a Digital World

  • Case study examples of challenges and implementation (silos, cross-sector initiatives, and machine enhanced decision making)
  • What it takes to reimagine information access in a digital age
  • Top tips and solutions to mitigate risks and approach contractual agreements

Embedding a Robust Enterprise Information Management Governance Framework at Airservices Australia

  • Working with stakeholders from across the enterprise to develop a governance operating model
  • How this operating model was operationalised within the enterprise
  • Learnings and take-aways from the Airservices enterprise IM and governance journey

Reimagining Data Programs for Business Value – An Integrated Data, Business & IT Strategy

  • What are some important considerations when approaching the role and responsibility of proactive data stewardship, business value, strategy, and leadership within our organisations?
  • How do we appropriately set up frameworks for successful, ethical, and responsible engagement with end-users?
  • What are your top tips on mid to long-term investment in the data evolution, agility development, data engineering, and ready-made data architecture?
  • How can we continue to improve effective data communication, capabilities & collaboration across internal data communities, departments, and across governments to tackle systemic data challenges?

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What Your Peers Had to Say

“A valuable source of ideas and methods used that could be applied across different agencies.”
Department of Justice

“Interesting to see how other government agencies are dealing with their data platforms. A valuable source of ideas and methods used that could be applied across different agencies”
Transport and Main Roads, Maritime Safety Queensland

“The experience was positive and valuable and was great to hear what others are doing and problems they are having.”
Transport Safety Victoria