Virtual Event: HR & Future of Work
National Insights – Spring Edition

Online: Thursday, June 2nd, 2022 | Time: 12:00-2:30pm ET / 9:00-11:30am PT

Event Overview

Redefining HR Functions Amid the Evolution of the Workplace

HR operations play a fundamental role in any organization. Ensuring that the public sector is equipped with the right people is critical to the success of our governments, which in turn, impacts our communities locally, nationally, and even globally. The continued pursuit of operational excellence from our HR departments is nothing short of essential. Over the past two years, this sector has been faced with extraordinary challenges. Our workspaces were displaced, traditional processes and systems disrupted, while employees faced difficulties of their own.

As we look to the future, it is important to ensure that we maintain the course of transformation and look to innovative ways to build superior systems, workspaces, and teams. This event will expand on the idea of flexibility and how workspaces can further evolve to meet the needs of their employees. We will address the many ways in which technology will expand conventional HR processes and functions while creating more employee-centered and inclusive experiences.

It is also important to recognize the impact of these operational overhauls and how public sector workers are affected. The sessions below will further address how mental health and employee wellbeing should also be at the forefront of workplace transformation. Investing in tools that prioritize learning, development, accessibility, and inclusivity can only further HR efforts and build a more resilient workforce.

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Benefits of Attending

Assessing how flexible workplace models are
setting new standards for the future of work

Implementing new digital solutions that enhance
and streamline HR functions

Discover new ways to prioritize employee wellbeing and build a more inclusive workplace

A Sneak Peek Of Your Inspiring Speakers

Katherine Salucop
VP, Organizational
Alberta Innovates

Martina Mangion
Director, Strategic Human
Ministry of Social Development
and Poverty Reduction-
BC Public Service

Nathalie Kachulis, Director General, Strategic Business Integration, Human Resources Branch, Canada Revenue Agency

Nathalie Kachulis
Director-General, Strategic
Business Integration,
Human Resources Branch
Canada Revenue Agency

Zufar Akhunov
Acting Director Human
Alcohol and Gaming
Commission of Ontario

Peter Linkletter
EVP, People, Innovation,
and Results
Canada Energy

Martine St-Louis
Assistant Director,
Leadership, Performance
and Talent Management
Canada Border Services

Trina Hubley, Director, Research and Quality Improvement, DG Engagement, Policy, and Research, Department of National Defence

Trina Hubley
Director, Research and Quality Improvement, DG Engagement, Policy, and Research
Department of National

Nicole Filiatrault, Director, Marketing, Canada, UKG

Nicole Filiatrault
Director, Marketing, Canada

Dr. Chris Mullen, Executive Director, The Workforce Institute, UKG

Dr. Chris Mullen
Executive Director, The Workforce Institute

Anna Hulett
Employee Experience XM Scientist

Key Sessions

Government Case StudyGovernment Case StudyPanel Discussion 1Panel Discussion 2

Introducing and Maintaining Flexible Workplace Programs that Will Benefit Your Organization and Its People

  • Discussing our new Chose How You Work initiative
  • Creating programs focused on sustained performance, inclusive and barrier-free workspaces, and continuous employee development
  • Delivering strategies focused on attracting and retaining top talent

Presented By: Katherine Salucop, VP, Organizational Development, Alberta Innovates

Examining the Challenges and Opportunities of Building an Evidence-Based HR Function within a Public Sector Context

  • Examining current HR data strategy implementations
  • Building capacity for successful transformation
  • Implementation challenges given public sector constraints (budget, workforce, culture, etc.)
  • Perception vs. Reality: What is the data telling us?

Presented By: Nathalie Kachulis, Director General, Strategic Business Integration, Human Resources Branch, Canada Revenue Agency

Building More Resilient HR Processes and People Management Initiatives with the Newest Technology

  • How has the rapid transformation of the workspace impacted HR management, workplace relationships, policies, and labour strategies?
  • How have you managed to balance organizational demands and employee needs/wants?
  • How can we empower teams through continued development and training at the height of digital transformation?
  • How can we leverage flexible and hybrid work to attract and retain talent?
  • How can we ensure the continued success of our teams within a virtual workspace?
  • While the rapid adoption of digital tools has caused certain challenges, how can leaders leverage new technologies to build stronger, more collaborative teams? 
  • What are some current examples of HR successes driven by digital tools? 


Martina Mangion, Strategic Human Resources Manager, BC Public Service
Martine St-Louis, Assistant Director, Leadership, Performance and Talent Management, Canada Border Services Agency
Zuhar Akhunov, Acting Director Human Resources, Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

Examining Top Concerns, Opportunities and Trends as We Build a Stronger Workforce for the Future

  • What are some of the current HR challenges, how are you addressing them and what do we need to do better as we move forward?
  • How have policies changed in the past two years to become more employee-centred, and has this had an effect on attracting and retaining talent?
  • How are you and your organization building more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workforces?
  • How have you changed as a leader coming out of this pandemic and what’s one piece of advice you’d like to share with us today?
  • What digital tools are you implementing to help create better workplaces for your employees?
  • How has the conversation surrounding employee wellbeing, mental health, learning and development shifted recently and what have you done as a leader to emphasize their importance within your teams?


Marc Morin, Director General, Human Resources Branch, Corporate Management Sector, Innovation, Science and Economic
Development Canada

Peter Linkletter, EVP, People, Innovation, and Results, Canada Energy Regulator
Trina Hubley, Director, Research and Quality Improvement, DG Engagement, Policy, and Research, Department of National Defence

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What Your Peers Had to Say

“I really loved the information provided and appreciate what was presented. It further supports the thoughts I had in mind to improve the learning and development portion carried out by my group.”
Health Canada

“Very good, expert speakers. I was very happy to see a speaker with a disability and addressing accessibility. So often this is left behind or left out completely.”
Durham Region

“I liked the really varied presenters we had and learning about where HR analytics is going in the various organizations.”
Ontario Public Service

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