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Government HR Insights
USA – Winter Edition

Online: Wed. March 9th, 2022 | Time: 12:00-2:15pm ET

Event Overview

Redefining the Workforce & Workplace in an Age of Uncertainty 

Human Resource professionals are the public sector’s secret weapons. From recruiting and hiring to retaining the best talent, harnessing HR best practices can solve countless challenges that government faces today. But too often, people ascribe a false, unfair image of HR’s role. How can government HR transform this misperception from that of paper pushers to innovative change makers? More importantly, how can they best empower workers – and the organization – to swiftly adapt to rapid changes in these times of extreme disruption?

It begins with HR experts coming together with their peers to share their experiences and lessons learned. This past year’s challenges and wins frame the roadmap to long-term success: the shift from a culture of surviving to one of thriving. HR professionals have stepped up to become formidable business leaders by steering workforces towards modernization – including hybrid digital workplaces, enhanced diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, and pandemic-specific policies ranging from health, safety, and legal protocols. Whether you are a Chief Human Capital or Resource Officer, a Learning and Development Director, a DEI expert, or Administration leader, your perspective is vital.

Public Sector Network’s Government HR Insights: Winter Edition virtual event will bring together a diverse collection of HR experts and thought leaders to explore answers to these and other questions. By sharing common challenges, trailblazing solutions, and lessons learned, attendees will come away with a renewed excitement for their role as an organizational leader.

Benefits of Attending

Unlock the potential of cross-agency collaboration & its role in hybrid workplaces

Learn how to effectively engage with employees and staff to promote confidence in new tech implementation, such as AI & ML

Explore the new & expanded roles HR can have in a post-COVID new normal

A Sneak Peek Of Your Inspiring Speakers

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Makda Fessahaye
Chief Human Resources Officer
City of Milwaukee

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Kelley Williams
Deputy HR
Texas Commission on State Emergency Communications

public sector network woman speakers image

Leyla Najmi
HR Chief
California Department of Housing & Community Development

public sector network woman speakers image

Jody Piel
Chief Human Resources Officer
Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe

public sector network woman speakers image

Wendy Endress
Chief Learning Officer
Washington State Department of Enterprise Services

public sector network woman speakers image

Marie Burrows Director of People Development
Washington State Employee Security Department

public sector network woman speakers image

Michele Keogh
Workforce Development
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Dr. Patrick Sullivan, DPA, Director – Professional Development Center, State of Montana

Dr. Patrick Sullivan
DPA, Director – Professional
Development Center
State of Montana
Technology Officer

Trisha Cronin, Washington State Leadership Development Manager, Washington State Department of Enterprise Services

Trisha Cronin
Washington State Leadership Development Manager
Washington State Department of Enterprise Services

LINDA MISEGADIS Public Sector Business Consulting Director UKG

Linda Misegadis
Public Sector Business
Consulting Director

Jacqueline Stepherson Chief Human Resources Officer Savannah State University

Jacqueline Stepherson
Chief Human Resources
Savannah State University

Tatyana Mamut, SVP of New Products, Pendo

Tatyana Mamut
SVP of New Products

Key Sessions

Government KeynoteGovernment Case StudyGovernment Case StudyPanel Discussion 1Panel Discussion 2

Rethinking Everything (Transformation of How a California State Department Works and Hires)

Pre-pandemic, it was impossible to envision a safe, secure, and permanent teleworking environment. When the pandemic hit and state employees had to comply with stay-at-home orders, there were so many logistical hoops to that an agency needed to jump through. The California Department of Housing and Community Development was able to rework its systems and processes to thrive in a teleworking environment, even with unexpected curveballs like a growing workforce and lack of office space.

Join Leyla Najmi as she outlines the challenges her department tackled and where they hope to be in the future.

A Future Ready Workforce in WA State Government

The future of work is a projection of how work, workers, and the workplace will evolve in the years ahead. The future of work may show up as changes in how work gets done, where, when, and what skills are needed to do the work. This case-study shares Future of Work insights and questions from WA state leaders.

Refocusing on the Future of our Workforce

We often think about the workplace of the future being focused on technology. While this paradigm is not false, it omits an important part of the picture: people. Learn how our speaker helps people currently employed learn their strengths, assess their current goals, improve their skillsets, and prep for their future, all within their current role.

Securing HR’s Seat at the C-Suite Table

C-level decisions have an impact on human capital, yet not all agencies include human capital experts in those discussions. Our panel of HR leaders will discuss why this exclusion helps perpetuate misperceptions of their role in government, what lessons they have learned from their journey to securing a role at the top, and advice they would give to others facing similar challenges.

Out of Office: Not coming into the office, tomorrow…or ever.

Join this panel discussion on how HR leaders can best navigate and facilitate hybrid and permanent work from home policies, and why providing these flexibility options is critical for the workplace of the future.

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Virtual Presentations

Hear from public sector leaders about the latest trends and explore how to instantly apply these insights and gaining unique perspectives


An opportunity to engage with the inspiring speaker panel and peers in the live Q&A and polling to discover answers to shared challenges

Leading Technology Solutions

Hear  from leading solutions providers in the government space as they explore key technologies to improve citizen services

What Your Peers Had to Say

“An incredible learning experience – very timely, relevant and practical. Thank you!”
City of Brampton

“Very good, expert speakers. I was very happy to see a speaker with a disability and addressing accessibility. So often this is left behind or left out completely.”
Durham Region

“I liked the really varied presenters we had and learning about where HR analytics is going in the various organizations.”
Ontario Public Service

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