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Government Cyber Insights – Winter Edition

Online: Wednesday, March 2, 2022 | Time: 12:00-3:00pm ET

Event Overview

Adapting for a More Resilient Enterprise in the Next Normal

Governments are being asked to drive change and become more agile and innovative in their public service to citizens. Innovation is achieved when data is unlocked, and trusted people collaborate to leverage the data creatively and efficiently through technology. While this convergence is promising it also marks the point of greatest vulnerability for public sector organizations, driving cyber and security risk to an all-time high. It is necessary to address cyber vulnerabilities before an event occurs to ensure a culture of vigilance and develop safer networks.

Public Sector Network invites you to join the conversation at our Virtual Event: Government Cyber Insights: Winter Edition. We will spotlight industry thought leaders and their initiatives from across the United States.

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Benefits of Attending

Gather insight from government leaders that will help you understand their processes & lessons learned, and address challenges from technology driven initiatives.

Discover the latest solutions and services government is using to protect themselves against cyber-attacks

Learn how to maximize your cybersecurity investment with a outcome driven approach

A Sneak Peek Of Your Inspiring Speakers

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Nancy Rainosek
Chief Information Security Officer,
State of Texas

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Deshard Stevens
Chief Information Security Officer
New York City Commission on Human Rights

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Dan Wilkins
Chief Information Security Officer
State of Arizona-DES

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Lester Godsey
Chief Information Security Officer
Maricopa County (AZ)

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Jenny Hedderman, Esq.
State Risk Counsel, Comptroller
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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Jose Lopez
Chief Innovation Officer & Director of Technology
City of Groveland

Michael Geraghty
Chief Information Security Officer
State of New Jersey

TRACY WALKER Senior Solution Engineer, Americas SUSE

Tracy Walker
Senior Solution Engineer,

Tina Thorstenson- Executive Public Sector Strategist for CrowdStrike

Tina Thorstenson
Executive Public Sector Strategist

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Chris Jensen
Public Sector Business Development

Jared Vichengrad- Director, US State & Local Government and Education Sales, Rubrik

Jared Vichengra
Director, US State & Local Government and Education Sales

Key Sessions

Government KeynoteGovernment Case StudyGovernment Case StudyPanel Discussion 1Panel Discussion 2

Ransomeware and Incident Response: Lessons Learned from Texas August 2019

In August 2019, 23 local governments in Texas were impacted by a ransomware attack. This government keynote will illustrate how the state successfully responded to this attack, bringing all 23 entities back to operational in a weeks’ time, and lessons learned through this incident. The insights from this attack are applicable to any organization that uses remotely administered IT services or managed security providers.

  • The single largest factor in the success of this attack was that the remote support administrator console was exposed to the internet.
  • Initial access and reconnaissance occurred 14 days prior to the main attack.
  • The initial access method: valid credentials that were acquired prior to the attack or exploiting a vulnerability chain in the remote support software

Supply Chain Management: Critical Steps to Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks

As cyber-attacks against public sector systems, assets, and infrastructure continue to make major headlines, it is imperative that vulnerabilities within government supply chains are identified and exposure to threats mitigated or eliminated. But where are the greatest risks in the supply chain? How to protect against vulnerabilities within the different tiers of the supply chain, particularly your suppliers’ suppliers? How to ultimately ensure the secure delivery of critical services and solutions? In this case study presentation Maricopa County outlines their successful approach to minimizing exposure to cybersecurity attacks within their supply chain.

The Buyers Dilemma: How to Choose a Cybersecurity Vendor

Under pressure to prioritize cybersecurity due to continued high profile attacks, the Biden Administration unveiled a comprehensive set of new cybersecurity directives for the U.S. federal government last year. These directives impact an already complicated but critical process: selecting the right cybersecurity support. In this case study the State of Arizona’s Department of Economic Security outlines its approach to vendor selection under the new directives, providing key insights and the critical factors that influenced decision-making throughout the process.

Cybersecurity Risk Management: Ransomware Planning, Response, and Recovery

Over the past year, it seems that everywhere you turn, there’s another story about a debilitating ransomware attack. Recent high-profile attacks such as the ransomware attack on the utility company, Colonial Pipeline in the USA, demonstrate the lengths that ransomware gangs go to. In this cyber-attack, data was also stolen and used as leverage to add pressure to pay the ransom.

This expert panel will discuss how the public sector can develop an effective cyber-risk management strategy, and best practices. It is imperative to plan for and measure readiness to successfully respond to, mitigate, and recover from a ransomware attack.

  • Best practices around business continuity and incident response should you suffer from a ransomware attack.
  • What are your options for recovery?
  • Who should be on your crisis management team? Who do you call when a ransomware attack occurs?

Mapping your Cybersecurity Plan: Insight & Execution

Creating and implementing a cyber security strategy is more critical than ever as the number of security-related breaches rises. Cybersecurity strategy is the big picture that gives us the chance to begin solving that puzzle, rather than just being experts on a few items. Therefore, it is imperative to have a well thought out plan for execution.

This panel of industry thought experts will share insights and knowledge. From this session you will have a better understanding of:

  • What are the most important considerations when developing a cybersecurity incident response plan?
  • Identify external data security resources
  • Learn how different leaders are building a culture comprised of the right systems, processes, and people to support their strategy.

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What Your Peers Had to Say

“The presentations and selected topics were awesome. The facilitators were also great.”
City of Edmontom

“Great panel. Presenters were concise and displayed mastery over the subject.”
City of St. Catharines

“This event provided information that was both timely and relevant.”
Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands

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