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National Insights – Winter Edition

Online: Wednesday, November 2, 2022 | 12:00-2:05pm ET • 9:00-11:05am PT

Event Overview

Managing Business Continuity for Critical Internal Services

Our governments are constantly adapting and reacting to factors that have the potential to disrupt and threaten the efficacy of their services. While the uninterrupted delivery of external services remains paramount to the well-being of citizens, the continuity of internal services is critical to the effectiveness and security of our governments. With governments ramping up their transformation efforts, all the while rebuilding and consolidating internal functions, there is a need to embed viable continuity and contingency plans within the restructuring process. There is value in becoming more proactive rather than reactive as our governments continue to focus on ensuring that backend critical services remain protected and uninterrupted.

Over the past few years, governments have had to incorporate new processes and systems to ensure the continuation of services having been faced with massive disruptions both externally and internally. The question is, how will the public sector approach ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) policy, knowing what we know now? How can we rebuild or create innovative programs and services that will further guarantee the security of our governments? Re-evaluating the resiliency of our corporate services and designing plans that will allow for the continuity of vital business functions is essential to the evolution of service delivery

To further aid our valued members in public service, this program will share first-hand experiences and strategies that will further strengthen internal operations against threats; in addition to key practices that ensure the continuity of critical corporate and shared functions amid ongoing transformation and the challenges this poses.

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Benefits of Attending

Address new threats that can impact critical internal and back-end functions

Examine the importance of reevaluating your government’s ERM policies

Build more proactive rather than reactive strategies to mitigate risks and threats to your

Explore business continuity strategies and planning at all levels

A Sneak Peak of Your Inspiring Speakers

Dr. Flolet Loney-Burnett
Assistant Deputy Minister, Enterprise Business Services Division
Ministry of Public & Business Service Delivery

Melanie Rousseau
Chief Risk Officer and Director, Risk and Business Continuity Management
Alberta Environment and Parks

Jim Olson
Chief Financial Officer
Ministry of SaskBuilds and Procurement

Manijeh Khoee, Director, Insurance & Claims Management, City of Edmonton

Manijeh Khoee
Director, Insurance & Claims Management
City of Edmonton 

George Sellner
Senior Director Public Sector Industry Solutions

Paul Padla
Chief Executive Officer

Key Sessions

Government KeynoteGovernment KeynotePanel Discussion

Maintaining Service Relevance in a Digital Environment

  • Client-centric mindset
  • Navigating funding constraints
  • Digital service access
  • Inclusive services

Dr. Flolet Loney-Burnett, Assistant Deputy Minister, Enterprise Business Services Division, Ontario Shared Services

Discussing the Importance of Creating Comprehensive ERM Plans for Essential Corporate Services

  • Exploring the consequences of a threat to internal and back-end business operations
  • How can we further identify and assess current risk factors for these essential services?
  • Addressing the challenges of building business continuity plans based on varying levels of service delivery

Melanie Rousseau, Chief Risk Officer and Director, Risk and Business Continuity Management, Alberta Environment and Parks

How Are Governments Adopting a New Integrated Approach to Risk Management and Business Continuity

  • How have the past few years changed the way in which the public sector responds and adapts to disruption?
  • In what ways are certain critical services more vulnerable than others, and how to address this?
  • Investing in more proactive ERM and contingency planning focused on operational continuity
  • What can leaders do to promote risk-adverse thinking within their teams
  • What are some of the biggest challenges currently impacting ERM strategies and how can we overcome them?

Jim Olson, Chief Financial Officer, Ministry of SaskBuilds and Procurement
Manijeh Khoee, Director, Insurance & Claims Management, City of Edmonton 

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What Your Peers Had to Say

Thank you for this great session. I realize that to some extent we are all on different journeys with process improvement. This type of forum is excellent to share ideas and connecting with likewise individuals.
Shared Services Canada

Excellent and informative and interesting concept on the back office label, and moving forward in this new environment, lots of insightful takeaways.
Government & Consumer Services

Insightful comments from panel participants demonstrating there are common challenges across organizations, and informative to learn how others are tackling these issues and identifying opportunities.
Revenue Services, City of Vancouver

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