Federal Data Management Roadshow

Transforming Federal Data Usage for 2023 and Beyond

In partnership with: Carahsoft

Friday, May 19th, 2023 | 8:00 am ET | The Hay Adams, 800 16th Street NW, Washington, DC, 20006

Event Overview

Government in the twenty-first century generates and amasses an overwhelming – and exciting – amount of data from all areas of public life. Leveraging this data unlocks the potential for better, faster, and more equitable government policies and services. Complexities abound, however. Government data professionals face common organizational challenges including resource constraints, staffing, and communication, in addition to issues of data literacy, data quality, and privacy & security.

How can Federal leaders best leverage data to enable better policies and services for their residents? Where are Federal data leaders searching for quality talent? What strategies best cultivate a data culture in current staff – and why is it vital to encourage all public sector employees to have a basic level of data literacy?   

Public Sector Network’s Federal Data Roadshow will bring together public sector data professionals from across the Federal Government to discuss these questions through a range of cross-cutting sessions and interactive roundtables. Join your peers in conversation to share your thoughts and innovative solutions! 

Benefits of Attending

Learn from leaders who have successfully implemented cross-departmental data-sharing and collaboration initiatives 

Unlock the potential of data to help close historic equity gaps

Develop new tools for promoting data literacy and understanding

Interact with fellow data leaders and innovators across the Federal Government

Your Inspiring Speakers

Fredy Diaz
Deputy Chief Data Officer
United States Department of Agriculture

Qais Hatim
Data Scientist U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services

Todd Coleman
Director, Office of Evidence & Analysis, Office of Governmentwide Policy
General Services Administration

Harsha Mallajosyula, Data Director, Black Wealth Data Center

Harsha Mallajosyula
Data Director
Black Wealth Data Center

Matthew Rose, Industry Principal - Global Public Sector, Snowflake

Matthew Rose
Industry Principal – Global Public Sector

Andy MacIsaac, Director of Public Sector, Alteryx

Fred Baradari
Director Digital Transformation Strategy

Robert J. Carey
Cloudera Government Solutions, Inc

Ian Brooks
Senior Solutions Engineer
Cloudera Government Solutions, Inc

Andy MacIsaac, Director, Solutions Marketing, Public Sector, Alteryx

Andy MacIsaac
Director of Public Sector

Key Sessions

Government Keynote SessionPanel DiscussionInteractive RoundtablesGovernment Case StudyPanel Discussion

Data Sharing is Caring

Public sector agencies, departments, and jurisdictions must share their respective data and findings in-order for government to operate at its fullest potential, regardless of where the data originated. In practice, however, this is not as simple as it may seem. Learn how successful data sharing initiatives have been designed and executed, why collaboration between government entities leads to success, and how you can facilitate enhanced data sharing from your position. 

Interactive Thought Leadership Keynote: The Ethics of Data

The continued ubiquity of data in modern life will continue to have repercussions that reverberate throughout our lives; many times in ways that cannot necessarily be foreseen. As Government usage of data – and particularly of citizen’s data – continues to expand; the ethical and responsible use of that data becomes ever more essential. Join Harsha Mallajosyula as she guides us through an interactive session designed to inspire and challenge us.

Roundtable 1: Making Modern Data Integration & Data Sharing a Reality

Roundtable 2: Data, Data Everywhere: A look at Innovation in Data Driven Decision Making

Roundtable 3: Data in Motion: Accelerate your Mission in Today’s Fast-Paced World of Real-Time Information

Roundtable 4: Making Data Matter with Analytics Maturity

Building the Bond Between the Business & Data

How can public sector data professionals most effectively collaborate to effectively leverage the mountains of data into impactful outcomes? It begins with an unorthodox approach to collaboration and ensuring that data practitioners and their non-data counterparts are operating seamlessly. Fredy Diaz knows a thing or two about how to bring unorthodox leadership to bear in order to motivate significant and meaningful outcomes. Join Fredy as he provides insight into impactful steps leaders can leverage to motivate improved cross-functional collaboration and data-comprehension.

The Strategy Behind AI & Automation Integration

Federal leaders have been leveraging automation for years now – but as automation slowly moves towards AI, how are you and your organization approaching this potentially transformative technology? As Artificial Intelligence continues to make waves in the public psyche – whether via tools like ChatGPT or via messages from Global Tech Gurus warning of the dangers of untethered AI – how are Federal Data & AI leaders approaching these challenges? What opportunities can you foresee and how do we ensure that any advancement in AI implementation within the Federal Government is working to the benefit of the American people?

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